We search all over for that special someone, but when we finally find them and have their love, what’s next? Perhaps since we’ve conquered love, it’s time to sit back and relax? Nope. When the “in-love” phase comes to an end, you will find that love is not enough to sustain the relationship. If love was all it takes to keep a relationship, then the divorce rate will be much lower and relationships would last much longer than just a few months. I’m sure we can all agree that any successful relationship requires constant effort from both parties involved. 

Most of us may already know these, but here are 12 ways to keep a relationship:

1. Communicate. Talk about things; the good and the bad.

2. Build Trusts. Be honest and faithful.

3. Be there for one another.

4. Make time for one another.

5. Leave the past to the past.

6. Know that having arguments are normal.

7. Know that you won’t always be happy.

8. Don’t expect change.

9. Appreciate the flaws.

10. Appreciate each other.

11. Become best friends.

12. Lastly, love each other unconditionally.

Can you vouch for any of these? Comment below and share.


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4 Replies to “12 Ways to Keep a Relationship”

  1. Hello Candace, its true that after getting into relationship its very important to take measures that love lasts forever and the above 12 steps are pretty true to accept. I always get impressed when ever I think the way my husband loves me unconditionally and its true that we shouldn’t get relaxed after we find Prince charming.
    It’s our unconditional towards him should keep happy forever.
    Impressive post Candace.

  2. Thank you for this, Candace. You rank communication as No. 1, exactly where it should be. That can be difficult, particularly in these divisive times. Even if all the other points are good, poor communication can spoil everything. Something to always work on, for sure.

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