With Christmas just a few days away, most of us are busy trying to get things checked off our to-do list, like buying last-minute presents and organising our homes. Sometimes, we get too caught up doing those things that we forget the true meaning of Christmas. I’m guilty of it too. Christmas is a time for giving and spreading love, peace, and joy (although we should aim to do so all throughout the year). With this in mind, check out this holiday to-do list below that is guaranteed to give you the most out of Christmas. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays 😀

Love, Candace





15 Replies to “6 Things To Do This Christmas”

  1. This list is perfect!! All 6 of these things are things we all definitely should do year-round, but they are especially important right now with Christmas quickly approaching. We all get stressed out at times and have our own issues to deal with, but there is always someone less fortunate. Your list is a great reminder to everyone to be thankful for what we have and to help others and build them up as much as possible. Love it!! 🙂

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