I’m asking my weekly questions this month as a way for us to reflect on our year 2017 and to spread the joy of Christmas. I look forward to your responses.

Question: What’s One Thing You Changed This Year?

My response: This year was one of many great changes for me, but the change that stands out the most is the one I’ve made in my physique and physical strength. At the beginning of this year I was relatively weak and struggled with issues related to my size. My fitness journey has been a roller-coaster ride, but at this point, I feel amazing and is aiming to lift my full body weight by end of 2017. 

How about you?

Comment below and share your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

Smile! Life is better when you’re laughing.

Love, Candace

26 Replies to “What’s One Thing You Changed This Year?”

  1. Hi Candace I concentrated on my physical fitness. I walked almost 4kms a day in most of the days in a week and I concentrated in my diet too.
    I feel good after starting my exercise and I will try my level best in coming year too.

  2. Let’s see….I lost 30#, am walking 2 miles a day, 5x a week and get to work 15-30 minutes early every day! I treat myself to a mani-pedi monthly and have discovered audio books! Not too shabby for this 63 y/o! LOL!

  3. There are a number of things I changed this year but the main thing was really just learning to be more patient, positive and at peace with day to day life. Worrying and stressing over things beyond your control never helps solve anything, but if you take the challenges in life in stride, it helps you cope with them much better. 🙂

  4. This year my family and I moved out of state to a completely different area of the country. It’s been a crazy transition but I’m really happy where we are and have found things in our new home in Norfolk Virginia that are keeping me happy and grounded 😊

  5. Good for you, Candace!! Physical improvements are a struggle for everybody. To get to the point where you can lift your full body weight is something that I think most people would love to be able to accomplish. Keep up the great work! I have no doubt whatsoever that you are the kind of person who can accomplish any goal you set for yourself! You have every reason to be damn proud of your progress!! 🙂

    Personally, this year has not had as many changes as the past couple of years, but I am proud that I seem to be starting to figure out what I am supposed to do with my life. One year ago, I was about to graduate and finally earn the college degree that, years ago, I had given up on trying to earn. I didn’t have a job lined up, and had no clue what I would end up doing once I finished school. A little over a month later, I was hired for my current job. On Sunday morning, I wrapped up my first year of teaching golf. I now have a month off to reflect on the past year and figure out what I did and didn’t do well. I now know what to expect going into next year, and can learn ways to improve upon what I have done so far. This year, I had nothing to compare myself to. Every week, I just hoped I was doing a decent job. With the feedback I’ve received from my students, I will now be able to tell whether or not I am doing a better job in the future than I’ve done so far. There is endless potential for 2018, and I am looking forward to a really great year!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Danny. It means a lot.

      It’s good to hear you made such progress with your life this year. I think as long as you can look back and realise you’re not at the exact same place that you were before, it means you’ve grown and progressed in something; and that’s definitely worth feeling good about. 2018 will be a great year!

      Thanks for sharing

  6. I was sharing a poem I wrote on December 31st. 2016 with my grand daughter just this morning; we were talking about change. I don’t make resolutions because I fail completely, but since that poem, my life has been changing for the good. It is called, Beautiful Prison.

  7. Congratulations on your fitness journey! I’ve been working on trying to develop my fitness regime too and do more functional work-outs. It’s far more trying but you can feel the results, literally feel the results from the aches after workouts.

  8. This is a great question babe, I love the idea of reflecting on the past year so we can be even more awesome next year. Yes you have become soooo much stronger, both physically and mentally and I love that so much about you. The one thing I’ve learnt is the “one thing”, at the beginning of the i was trying to do to many things at once. I started focusing on just one thing at a time and getting it done, then moving on, the results are amazing.

  9. I feel like I’ve done a better job at gaining more clarity for certain things. When things haven’t gone as I’d like to in the past I feel I’ve always been in a state of resistance more than acceptance. I try to just roll with the punches and not let things bother me as much as I used to. Seeing where I was in in the ear 20-10s and where I am now, Im extremely happy with my growth.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that. That’s a great way to be. Sometimes we can’t control everything that happens, so best to let things flow and as you said, “roll with the punches”. It helps with stress and worrying too, I’m sure. Thank you so much for sharing that 🙂

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