I may seem a bit OCD-ish, but I really dislike clutter. I just don’t like having things around me that I don’t need and are just occupying space. At home I’m known as ‘Miss Throwaway’ because I throw out everything that’s not in use. How about you? Do you have clutter in your life?
Having clutter does not only mean your physical surroundings, it includes anything that does not add to your life or build you up. These are the things that drain your energy, weigh you down and stress you out… take my advice – you seriously don’t need that sh*t in your life! Before decluttering my life, it felt chaotic and everything around me seemed stressful and tiresome. Now my life feels brand new, refreshed, and so much lighter since I’ve done these:

  • Declutter Relationships – When decluttering your relationships, choose Quality over Quantity! In decluttering my relationships, I burnt bridges with many draining, negative relationships that were constantly dragging me down. I now keep a small circle with a few people who builds me up and whom I believe have my best interest at heart. This made an immense positive impact on my life. You cannot grow with the negative energy of others weighing you down. So as hard as it may be, get rid of anyone who are always judgemental and making negative comments about your life and choose to only surround yourself with those who are positive and uplifting.
  • Declutter Living Space – Again, I really cannot function in physical clutter. I think and focus better when my surrounding is spacious and organized. I remember back in university, my tiny room had to be clean and organized before I could even begin studying. Nothing changed since; if anything, it’s gotten worst. Before I start writing, everything needs to be in place. There is a direct correlation between physical and mental clutter so you may find that as you organize your living space, you will begin feeling less clutter physically and mentally. Decluttering your space may take a little extra time and effort but it’s totally worth it. It will certainly make a difference in the way you feel.
  • Declutter Work Space – I find that I’m more productive and focused at work since I decluttered my work area.
     I keep minimal items on my desk because I prefer a clearer, open space to work on. If by now you’re thinking I’m a total weirdo neat freak, I even went ahead to delete old files, programs, emails and browsing history on my computer to keep my pc organized and easy to browse through. This somehow provides a mental feel that my work load is much less and manageable, which equals less stress… yay!
  • Declutter Smart Phone – Yep, I included smart phones because I think it’s kind of a big deal. I decluttered my smart phone by clearing out old photos, deleting unused apps, organizing useful apps and deleting a lot of contacts from my phonebook. I even went as far as cleaning out my social media profiles by unfollowing pages and deleting individuals who were quite negative on my news feed. I kept a light friend list and only follow positive pages and people. Not only does my smart phone now feel decluttered, but browsing through my social media has a very positive, relaxing vibe that is more beneficial to my life.
  • Declutter Your Tasks – As my responsibilities increased I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of things I had to get done daily. That in itself created a clutter in my life and left me feeling chaotic and scattered, running around like a headless chicken. By making a ‘to-do’ list, I started feeling grounded, calm and clear. A list creates order and provides inner relief by putting things into perspective and helping to better utilize your time and energy. Besides there’s a certain inner gratification with checking things off your list as you complete them 🙂

The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.  ― Marie Kondō

… Keep Smiling – Love, Candace

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