Last Saturday morning I woke up to a gorgeous view with my love –- the trees were gently swaying in the cool morning air, and as the sun made its way up the horizon the sound of chirping birds peacefully filled the atmosphere. We sat on the balcony and looked down into the distant ocean behind the city skyline as we enjoyed our hot tea and coffee.

He asked me to sit on his lap for a while — and there I was enjoying the perfect moment while I sipped on my scorching hot tea. At the back of my mind I kept thinking: “I hope I don’t spill this tea, I hope I don’t spill this tea” and was being extra cautious to avoid spilling it. A few moments later, out of nowhere, the entire cup of tea somehow slipped off my hand and fell on us – mostly onto him (way to ruin a good moment). I was in shock while he yelped from the burn. I spent that entire morning trying to figure out how the heck the cup fell from my hand. I guess he saw that I was trying to wrap my head around it — he asked if earlier I was having thoughts of it possibly spilling and was trying to avoid it. Upon saying yes, we both knew it fell because my thoughts of it spilling attracted it to actually happen.

“We receive exactly what we expect to receive.” – John Holland

I always wanted to share my many experiences with the law of attraction and after what happened with the tea, I became inspired to write about it. I believe the law of attraction is real. I believe thoughts do become things; and not only because almost every successful person I know believes the same, but because it has been very instrumental in the latter part of my life. In retrospect, I realise most of what happened in every aspect of my life, whether good or bad was because of my thoughts. There are many, many instances in my life where I thought of something in detail, I believed it already happened, and shortly after, it actually happened. Because of this, I have grown extremely aware of my thoughts. I try my best to filter what I allow into my mind, I control the way I think and I focus on positive thoughts — this way, I expect to attract only good things into my life.

But controlling my thoughts is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes emotions get in the way of my thinking — like fear. I have a fear of losing the love of my life. I think what if something happens to us or something happens to him. It has been a prevailing thought in my mind but I figured what’s more fearful, is having the knowledge that the more I think of it, the more I am aligning myself for it to happen. In other words, the more I think of losing him, the more I am attracting it to happen. The law of attraction applies for everything else.  So, did I spill the tea because spilling it was the thought on my mind? Absolutely, yes!

“You become what you think about most… But you also attract what you think about most.” — The Secret

Your thoughts are powerful. Lately, I’ve been observing people around me and I notice the persons who think negatively are always complaining about something bad happening in their lives, while the ones who think positively always have good things to say about their lives. Some might argue that it’s a scenario of which came first — the chicken or the egg? In this context, it’s whether the thought or the life occurrence came first. I believe two things: one, the egg came first; and two, the thought came first. How about you?

Rhonda Byrne stated that our thoughts are the primary cause of everything, so with this in mind, I’m practising to be more aware when I’m having negative thoughts and to immediately replace them with positive thoughts of what I really want to happen.

I challenge you to check in on your thoughts ever so often — write them down on your journal along with what’s happening in your life — and notice the direct correlation between your thoughts and the things that are happening. I guarantee, if you’re honest with yourself, you will find that negative thoughts is yielding you a negative life; while positive thoughts are giving you a positive life.

I’ll love to hear your ‘thoughts’ on this.

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Keep Smiling — Love, Candace

39 Replies to “Do We Really Become What We Think About?”

  1. Wow, amazing post babe. The law of attraction is the underpinning of everything that happens in our live. I am happy that you finally wrote about it.

  2. Well, you basically just answered my questions about predictability, which I was here thinking it was like some sort of 6th sense. Lol sheesh! No but seriously, your totally right, 100% undoubtedly in agreement with everything you just wrote. Just never thought of the law of attraction in my mind when these things happen. Which is bad on my part because I should totally know better, lol. But one of my examples is….. when I knew one day that the battery in my car had been acting up but not every time I cranked the car, just a bad cell somewhere. Anyhow, I was getting my sons haircut and there was a bad thunderstorm coming. Well we get out to the car and of course /nota/ car won’t start. I made that happen because when we first pulled in the parking lot and went to get out of the car for some random reason I said the car isn’t going to crank I should leave it on just in case, then said naaaaa it’s ok.
    So those things happen to me A LOT! Feedback on my example is welcomed. Do u agree that this is the same sort of thing? Thanks for the great read and making me rethink my thoughts 😺👍🏻

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yep, I’m sure everyone has stories like those. I guess sometimes we call it our “instincts”, “gut feeling”, or “that little voice inside our head”. It’s kind of creepy, but I suppose that’s just how it works.

  3. This is really good . And I agree . Our thoughts are definitely fuel, which have the power to ignite us, launch us or not. I enjoyed this .

  4. Beautifully written. The concept is thought provoking, yes, but of course all together true. I try my hardest to remain positive, at all times. Very easy to say. Many people wish for this, but in reality, extremely difficult to execute. Your post reminded me of it all over again, how our thoughts will manifest themselves in the most peculiar way…

  5. I completely agree. We become what we think about. Since the new year, I’ve tried to carry a positive attitude and think about the goals I would like to attract. It’s been amazing the opportunities and people I have come in contact with since I started this practice.

    I formed a small group of positive bloggers on FB. We share positive thoughts, quotes, and posts. The group has helped me to start my day on the right foot and to be surrounded with great people. Here is the link if you would like to join. Have a great day!

  6. I agree with Elinor that the concept is thought provoking. And quite true. We really do become what we think. Our minds are our most powerful asset. And if we can learn to harness its power for good, there’s no stopping us on the path to achieving our dreams.
    This truly is beautifully written.
    Welcome to the family, Candace. Glad to finally meet someone outside the T.Company with super positivity powers.

      1. *whispering* but i must warn you. They have excessive amounts of positive energy enough to drive one crazy with happiness.

        I’m living proof of it 😛

  7. I found this post very interesting. Is this law of attraction similar to the concept that our minds to not “hear” the word ‘not’? So “I must not spill the tea, I must not spill the tea.” becomes ” I must spill the tea”.

  8. Haha yep! I fell off the chair the other day with my son landing on top of me, just as I thought moments earlier – I had a laugh about it. 😊 Law of Attraction works for big and small things!

  9. Dear friend,,
    Even Saints say: What we think we become – it means that we adopt the colours of our thoughts – not at once usually but gradually – if we identify us with our thoughts or where we keep our attention – the more we do so, the more it will become a habt…

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend 🙂

    All good wishes

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