Hey, I’m happy to have you here 🙂

Are you considering writing a guest post on my blog?

Pocketful of Smiles shares simple reminders of peace, happiness and positivity that readers can relate to and apply to their daily lives to improve their overall well-being.

With more than 14,000 social media followers/connections (collectively on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WordPress), the blog reaches an amazing audience every week and has been growing rapidly since its public launch in January 2017.

If you have an inspiring story based on happiness, positivity, kindness, compassion, purpose or well-being, I would love to share it.

Who Can Contribute:

Anyone — it doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or not 😀

Why Contribute:

  • Your story can help change a life.
  • If you’re a blogger, your blog will receive increased exposure as each article is promoted to more than 14,000 social media followers/connections.
  • Every article will include your bio and a link back to your site which can increase your traffic and score you new followers and email subscribers.
  • You will become part of my blogging community which comprises of very active and supportive bloggers.

What To Write:

  • Browse through some of the articles on my blog to get a sense for the kind of articles usually shared.
  • Any event/story that can inspire others based on happiness, positivity, kindness, compassion, purpose or well-being.
  • Useful information that readers can relate to and will help them to address similar issues in their lives — the story needs to convey a life or relationship message/lesson.
  • I’m kindly asking that you provide original and honest writing. I prefer if your article is not published anywhere else, including your own blog.
  • I like keeping my articles relatively short to keep readers engaged, so please try to write your awesome piece in less than 1,000 words.

How to Submit:

  • Email your article to admin@pocketfulofsmiles.com with the subject “Guest Article Submission”.
  • Article must be in Microsoft Word format typed in a simple legible font.
  • Include a bio of 50 words or less in the email.
  • Attach a profile photo of yourself or any photos related to the story (the featured photo of the article will be subject to change).

Please note I will liaise with you in the event I need to edit or change the title before publishing on the site.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much.

Keep Smiling — Love, Candace