I’m an advocate for ambition and diligence. I believe our dreams will never be fulfilled and success will never be achieved if we just sit around, wasting time, hoping that something magically comes our way. That being said, I strongly believe we should maintain some sort of balance when it comes to working toward our goals.

I attended an event last weekend and something said by the guest speaker really stood out to me. He was a seasoned Attorney at Law with over 20 years’ experience—clearly well established and successful in his field. He stood up in a room with over 1000 people who all expected him to give a typical monotonous speech about working exhaustively hard and being an overachiever etc. Instead, he grabbed the audience’s full attention by speaking about how important it is to help others wherever you can on your road to success, to focus on your family no matter what, and to take proper care of your health—“Have you ever seen how hard-work looks on a hospital bed?” he asked.

I decided to write about it because I feel as though sometimes we get so caught up working too hard, that we put aside doing the more important things in life. We keep thinking to ourselves that we have time left to make up for these things—we’ll spend family time next weekend, we’ll start eating right and exercising next month, we’ll help someone the next time around… and the list goes on.

Have you realised that because we’re so engrossed in working all the time, a day goes by like an hour, a year goes by like a month, and 10 years go by like a year? We’re always “too busy” for what’s really important and never seem to have time for anything besides checking things off our to-do list. Or… when we actually do make some time, we’re never fully engaged in the moment because our mind is so fixated on what’s pending to get done.

I know that most of us need to work our butts off to keep ourselves and our family afloat, but I’ll tell anyone: No matter what you’re working for, work smart not hard, and don’t ever forget to dedicate time to help others along the way, spend time with your family, and take care of your health as best you can; because in the end, no amount of money you earn can buy you the time to go back and do those things.

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Smile! Life is better when you’re laughing.

Love, Candace

22 Replies to “Hard Work On a Hospital Bed”

  1. Great post babe, your health is truly your wealth, being a millionaire on a hospital ain’t worth anything! Btw congrats on your recent successes wrt to your fitness goals:).

  2. “in the end, no amount of money you earn can buy you the time to go back and do those things.” This is absolutely perfect!! I am actually guilty of taking too much time to enjoy life. I would be better off if I focused more on the professional aspects of my life, but I have always been a big believer in taking time to enjoy life. I work hard when I really need to, but I take full advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life. One of my favorite songs is called “Time Well Wasted”. It’s about exactly what you wrote in this post. We all need to be serious and work hard, but you should never feel bad about taking time for yourself to enjoy life and create fun memories that will last a lifetime. Another great post, Candace! Love it!

    1. Thanks Danny. I really, really admire that about you. Not many people can say they enjoy life a little too much. I was had some time off from work, and man I had a ball waking up to some adventure everyday. Now I’m back to work and have less time to do all that I want to do.. I’m trying to find back that balance. Keep enjoying your life… it’s how its meant to be live. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  3. YES Candice! This is what needs to be preached indeed. Hard work is one thing, but working smart is even more important in my opinion, WHY? The ‘rat race’ has us addicted plus there are alot of people who work very hard but just cant seem to achieve and prosper, one of those persons might be me somewhat. Like most of us, everyday i’m learning the science of how to live the life I want to by the continuous process of learning and striving to get better, while creating a better and more valuable self. I believe we can all achieve, its just that most persons don’t know how. Seek and all will be revealed unto thee!

  4. What a lovely message and thank you for sharing. “…how important it is to help others wherever you can on your road to success, to focus on your family no matter what, and to take proper care of your health…” Truer words could never have been spoken! Too often one can lose sight of what is important when caught up in the endless pursuit of career goals and it literally becomes a daily dose of overthinking and turning into a robot. Maintaining that level of empathy and concerns for others including your loved one is crucial to never derailing on the road to success. Great post! 🙂

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