I’ve been reading a quote a day from M.G. Keefe’s 365 Days of Happiness—an excellent little read packed some of with the most profound words ever spoken on happiness. At the beginning of the book, Keefe wrote a small passage on happiness which I thought was simply put and very insightful. I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Happiness can’t be bought, or paid for, or wrapped up with a bow and given as a gift. Happiness is something we all must discover on our own. Some people may believe that happiness will come to us when we get what we want out of life. If we marry, we will become happy. If we have children, it will satisfy that emptiness within. If we only…yes, that list of if only’s goes on and one endless.

But none of this is really true, for if we don’t already know how to be happy another person won’t be able to make up for this. We have to learn how to be content with our lives and appreciate what we have already. There are many ways we can do this. Yet it will always come down to the simplest of things. We must learn to find true joy in life’s gifts. Happiness must come from within.— M.G. Keefe

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Smile! Life is better when you’re laughing!

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  1. Awesome. “… Happiness must come from within”.. Path to Heaven goes through hell. Path to self discovery goes through an overwhelming phase and might be even depression or near death experience. It only in rare cases people pursue inner peace since childhood. It all depends on the Law of Karma based on Eastern Tradition concept of reincarnation or past lives. When one becomes naked (not to be taken literally. rips apart or dismantles all the false identities associated with the higher self.) and vulnerable , one finds that eternal inner peace.

  2. You already know my answer. I love simple stuff like this.
    I listen to the energy around me, sometimes this energy sticks around for a month, two months, but eventually I will act upon it. Doing this has never let me down, so in that case happiness is within, but the energy can come from external factors i.e. being around negative people, or those not allowing you to live the life that you want.

    Thanks for sharing this blog 🙂

    1. It is hard maintaining the happiness within when there’s negative people around. For some reason, the more I learn to be positive and happy within, the more sensitive I get to negative energy around me. I try hard to not let it get to me.
      Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

      And, you’re welcome 🙂

  3. And that is why I find joy in the simplest of things! “if we don’t already know how to be happy another person won’t be able to make up for this” these lines sum up any kind of relationship in general. When we love and accept ourselves just the way we are, we attract the same kind of relationships. So goes with being happy. Yet again, you don’t fail to spread positivity 🙂 This was a nice read.

  4. This reminds of an analogy we have for happiness. The “happiness cup”, first you have to fill your cup with whatever makes you happy then it begins to overflow, it overflows into the lives of the ones closest to you and enriches the world around you, only you can fill your happiness cup, it comes from within!
    Awesome post babe!

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