When was the last time you did a good deed or a random act of kindness? Do you consider yourself a good person? What does it mean to be a good person? 

I feel as though people are misconstrued about this trait. Many may consider themselves a good person based solely on the fact that they don’t physically harm anyone, they attend church (mosque or temple) or give money and material things; I completely disagree. I have known a woman all my life — she never misses church on a Sunday, but on the other six days of the week she continuously gossips and causes distress to others. She seems to be in denial about the kind of person this makes her and believes that attending church compensates for everything she does and say. Can merely praying and attending a religious institution make you a good person?  If you’re not practising the life lessons you’re taught or praying from an impure mind and a treacherous heart, then it doesn’t.  

“The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.” — Nishan Panwar

Being a good person is not about where you go or how much you do and give — it’s whether or not you do good for others with a pure heart and good intentions. Do you genuinely want the best for others? Do you envy or celebrate the success of others? Do you secretly wish to see people rise or fall? Do you hold the door for a stranger? Do you give up your seat to an elderly person? Does it bother your conscience when you cause distress upon someone? Do you greet the janitor with the same respect as the C.E.O? Do you have ulterior motives and trick others or are you transparent and honest? Do you smile at people, even on the inside? Do you empathise with the suffering of another? Do you practice sincere kindness and compassion, not because you have to, but because you truly want to?

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” — Saint Basil

A good person often secretly does good deeds, not to be noticed or attain credit, but for the sole purpose of helping a fellow being.  Humility is an attribute of a genuinely good person. For example, they won’t go to  an orphanage to give charity and publicise it for personal recognition or credit — they do it exclusively for the sake of helping another. Being a good person doesn’t mean being a saint, tolerating things you don’t want to or putting yourself last; nor does it mean being weak, a people-pleaser, a pushover, or a ‘yes’ person — it simply means being someone who think about others as much as you think about yourself.

We are all unique and portray different personalities and ways of interacting with others. Some of us may appear quiet and serious, others outgoing and upbeat; despite our demeanour, our core character should be that of a genuinely good person — do good and good will surely follow.

Do you consider yourself a good person?

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39 Replies to “How to Tell if You’re Genuinely a Good Person”

  1. What it means to be a good person has much been diluted due to all the noise of social media and marketing, it’s seems as though we’re being told what we have to do to be a “good” person. I love that the more authentic values of a good person was captured in this post. Great post babe. Andy.

  2. You conveyed the essence in an interesting manner. Actually I was thinking how differently you are going to present this point, that too an always heard topic. It’s always recommended to have that goodness as our core character. But people understand it differently. Those religiously adamant blinds always ignore the needy people around them.

      1. All of the largest of the world religions share a basic ethic for living life, aptly summarized in: “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”

  3. The message of this post is so important, yet rarely spoken out about, so I’m glad you touched up on it. Actions mean nothing if your intentions don’t back them up. And while a display of goodness may give you a false satisfaction, the world will surely catch up with what you really intend in everything that you do. Character, morals, values and intentions determine goodness. Excellent post!

  4. Hello Candace,
    wow,I am impressed with your blog.It is great ,it is very clear,and positive.
    Congratulation and keep it going.One great man is said “You must be good and smart,because if you are good person and stupid,everyone will use you ”
    thank you

  5. To truly feel others heartbreak..to genuinely care I think these are attributes of caring people..I find good/bad definitions a little problematic at times to be truthful..lets just love and show empathy even for those poor souls who have to.pretend and live a fake morality. 💖

  6. “Do good and good will surely follow.”
    I completely agree. I’m a living testimony of it. You’ll probably hear me say this a lot in your blog because you seem to be talking about things that are DIRECTLY related to me. 😀

    I try my best to treat everyone with respect. Your position doesn’t really matter to me. Once you are loveable, I’ll love you. 😛

    Great read.

  7. I believe the common sentiments these days is, “why should I, when others are not doing it?”. Many times we expect others to do the same, yet we fell short of ourselves. It’s time we ask what others can do for us, but what we can do for others.
    Great post and hope you achieve your dream in writing a book one day!

  8. This is a true perspective regarding kindness and being a good person. I am one as well who is not a fan of certain people preaching about all the good they do or that they do good deeds including participate in a spiritual routine or church, who seem to despite all of that be surrounded by drama and negative talk/gossip. It isn’t a true form of being genuine and kind. It is hard to envelope the very persona of a kind hearted good person, as we all are imperfect and will have certain weaknesses at times, but it is our everyday habits and the outward behavior that can prove we are genuine in the kindness we work at or if it is simply just to save face while having unkind intentions. Great read and hopefully inspiring to others to recognize yes we are imperfect, but what are our true intentions?

  9. Just beautiful Candace. Yes, I don’t attend church any longer because the priest was actually the one doing the ‘bagging’. That rocked my boat.
    Thank you for an awesome message 💐🌟🌟

  10. Great read. Acting out of love is of the utmost importance. Sure we all have our day-to-day stressors and fears that still grip us, and yep we get caught up in “the routine”, but the ability to look, act, and give beyond all that is what we need most of all. Not for bragging rights or for fame, but for the genuine desire to empathize with and help another person. The good deed itself is reward enough, and in fact holds greater glory than fame and recognition could ever hope to.

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