Lieutenant Michael Almonte of New York City Police Department represents the true epitome of kindness and compassion. He discovered his purpose in life after meeting a police officer at age 16; who he believes shaped his life for the better.  He joined the NYPD and has since been paying it forward — changing the lives of others. He’s the type of person who buys a cup of coffee for a total stranger and strikes up a friendly conversation, surely making someone’s day or even changing a life entirely. I came across Lt. Mike on Instagram; if you browse through his profile (and you should), his continuous acts of kindness to children, less fortunate youths, and homeless people are very apparent. There’s one story in particular that touched me and I couldn’t resist sharing with you. It’s about Lt. Mike and his homeless friend — Alfredo.

Here’s the story Lt. Mike’s shared about meeting Alfredo on Thanksgiving Eve:

“While on my way to feed the homeless, I came across this gentleman on the train platform that happened to be drinking from a very large, new bottle of Vodka. We boarded the train and I felt compelled to speak to him but didn’t know how to open up. My anxiety grew with each passing stop, so I started to pray about it. I asked God to please make his bottle drop and have all the Vodka spill out. Not even a minute later his bottle fell to the floor and all the alcohol started to pour out! I immediately introduced myself to him and told him where I was headed. I asked him if he was hungry and if he wanted to join me. He said his name was Alfredo and that he wasn’t sure what I wanted or “what the catch was”. I assured him there wasn’t a catch and all I wanted was to make sure he had a hot meal to eat and possibly make some new friends. As we got off on the last stop he said he didn’t trust me and again asked “What do you want from me”. I showed him my police ID and told him I was a Lieutenant in the New York City Police Department. His eyes became watery and I could tell that all kinds of emotions were running through his body. He said “Are you going to book me?” Lol… I said “Nah, all I want is for you to join us tonight”. He said he had to think about it so I gave him the address and said “Maybe I’ll see you later Alfredo” as I walked away. Later than night someone came at the dinner asking for Lt. Mike. I asked ‘Who?’ and was pointed to the front of the table. When I looked up I saw that Alfredo showed up!!!” — Lt. Mike

Alfredo is a homeless gentleman who suffers from alcoholism. He is usually found on a NYC neighbourhood street corner. Lt. Mike regularly goes the extra mile to check on him, ensuring he gets a hot meal and warm clothes to face the cold winter storms. Lt. Mike makes it his duty that Alfredo leaves with a full belly, a happy heart and a smile every time after meeting. As time passed, they both grew a genuine bond of love, trust and respect.

“Some may look at him and see a homeless alcoholic man. I see a gentle soul who is struggling with addiction and is reaching out for help. Anyone of us can fall victim to his situation so it’s only right we show compassion to those in need.” — Lt. Mike

Wait, there’s more: Lt. Mike was somehow able to get in contact with Alfredo’s daughters — Elizabeth and Christina — who welcomed their father home with open arms. Alfredo agreed to spend that New Year home with his family and promised Lt. Mike to head back after to New York to start a recovery program at a rehabilitation centre. However, making it to the centre was easier said than done; for no matter how badly Lt. Mike wanted to help him, Alfredo had to want it bad enough himself. It was a struggle but Lt. Mike stuck it through encouraging Alfredo to just start.

“If you stay committed you will make a change in someone’s life! Love this guy. No matter where this path may lead us I will always have his back. He knows that I genuinely care about him and that I will support him all the way through but in the end he has to want this more than anyone could ever want it for him.” — Lt. Mike

Lt. Mike’s Instagram followers were quite touched by Alfredo and his ongoing journey. They gave their full support by cheering him on, praying for him and sending their love. Some even send him care packages, letters, and meaningful gifts. One kind gentleman went as far as taking the time to head over to NYC to meet Alfredo in person and share some encouraging words. Alfredo was so inspired by the kindness and profound gestures of complete strangers, that he checked himself into rehab and completed 6 days.

Kindness is indeed powerful and even though Alfredo’s journey is ongoing, I believe he is destined to get better and change the lives of others — paying it forward himself. Lt. Mike believes they were both meant to be on the same train, at the same time, on the same day, for the same purpose. “God is Love” he says, and is praying for Alfredo to overcome this horrible disease called alcoholism so that he can finally get off the streets and live the life he deserves.

To Lt. Mike: No act of kindness no matter how small ever goes unnoticed. You will be rewarded tenfold for your genuine compassion and kindness not just to Alfredo, but to each life you are touching every day. Keep paying it forward.

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67 Replies to “Living a Life of Purpose and Compassion”

  1. The world needs more recognition for people like Lt. Mike. Thanks for sharing babe, great post and welcome back!!

  2. This is such a heartwarming story. And good for Alfredo for showing up to the dinner too! Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to admit you want help/friendship/whatever. Loved this.

  3. What a wonderful act of kindness. There is so much violence and awful deeds being carried out around the world, it’s definitely always important that we are reminded that there is good out there. We should always aspire to be as kind, helpful, and compassionate as we can be. Brilliant post.

  4. This guy is pretty amazing! I came across a similar officer on Instagram, but I forgot his name. It is always special to see when law enforcement is attached to their community. ❤

  5. This is a great story. I can relate to it in many ways. Police had a wonderful influence on my life and learned to sweetness of paying life forward by helping others. Police so often get tagged with a wrong label but I thank God for their presence.

  6. Thank you for such a heartwarming story! It is easy to judge others and this is a simple reminder that everyone has their own struggle and we should treat one another with kindness and compassion.

  7. This is truly inspiring and touching post. I agree with Ipuna that it is a wonderful demonstration of kindness and compassion. The world needs more people like Lieutenant Mike.
    Thanks for sharing. ❤ ❤

  8. I think he’s right. We are so quick to judge someone without knowing their path. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to know someone’s path to have compassion. I encourage everyone to go volunteer at a soup kitchen…not just on Thanksgiving but, during regular weeks. You will start to see familiar faces of men, women and children and learn their stories.

  9. This truly represents who Lt. Mike is. The impact he has had and is still having in people’s lives is like no other. Thank you for sharing!

  10. 💫Paying it forward is love & grace in action, and I certainly agree, no act is ever too small. People need one another, maybe now more than ever before.
    🙏🏻Thank you for paying it forward by writing this article. Awareness inspires action and random acts of kindness are contagious. At least, that is what I believe. 🌎✌🏻💞

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