We all have it—that little voice within that speaks to us; that gut feeling telling us whether we should do something or not. That feeling we all have is a special gift called intuition. It is part of our consciousness and plays a huge part in how we live our life.

Connecting to our intuition is a way of listening and trusting ourselves. If you, above everyone else, are telling yourself you should not be doing something, wouldn’t you listen and trust yourself enough to stop? Our intuition should not be questioned; nine out of ten times, it will be right. There are times when it becomes more pronounced, which is when we need to pay closer attention to it.

Intuition works around the clock in all areas of our life. Sometimes it kicks in when we meet a person for the first time—we either feel that the person is genuine and can be trusted or that something is not right so we should keep our distance. Trusting our intuition can prevent us from running into bad situations. For example, while driving and about to overtake, you might get a gut feeling telling you to stay where you are. If you listen to the voice and stay in lane, you might realise seconds later that you avoided a bad situation. Most times when we ignore our intuition, we end up in regret right after.

Pay very close attention and stay connected to your intuition; it will rarely steer you in the wrong direction. Some people choose to ignore their intuition because the feeling they are receiving might be to follow a path that they are not yet ready to take. For example, if someone is in an unhealthy relationship and their gut feeling is to walk away, they may not be able trust themselves and believe they have what it takes to help them get through the difficult situation, so they choose not to listen to their intuition and stay. If you know deep down something is not right, don’t question it—save yourself the trouble and stop, before it’s too late.

Do you pay attention to your intuition?

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15 Replies to “One Thing You Just Don’t Question”

  1. Nice. I feel intuition is part of consciousness – combining with one’s conscience. Often at a book reading, when presenting “My Little Angel” about a child’s guardian angel, I remind the children that it’s that inner sense they have about right and wrong… I wish more people would listen to that inner voice…

  2. Absolutely, I listen to my intuition. But I also pay attention to my rational, reasoning mind. I never think of them as either/or functions. My intuition enhances my reason and my reason informs my intuition. Thanks for an interesting post, Candace.

  3. Yet another very important faculty that we humans are all blessed with Candice, “intuition”. Some call it gut feeling, the sixth sense among others. I once read somewhere that this sixth sense gets even stronger as we mature more in our thinking and spirituality. It also pointed out that women tend to have a more active and higher awareness of this intuition especially mothers with their children.
    Intuition is very important indeed, I believe we should all become more aware of it and discipline ourselves to strengthen this God given facility to allow us more effective and efficient decision making and by extension to live happier lives.

    Thanks for the reminder Candice, great read as usual


    1. Thanks Motee.
      Ahh, sixth sense. I haven’t thought of it that way. Yep, I agree. I believe it does get stronger the more aware we become.
      I’ve also heard that women have stronger intuition–I think I’ll look into why that’s so.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your valuable thoughts Motee.

  4. Intuition is definitely a part of our everyday lives, we have to be intuitive enough to know what’s best for us because no one else will. I also think that deep down we all know what’s best for us, that’s the easy part, putting it into action is where it gets tricky and the mind makes up excuses to take us of course.
    Great post babe, love it.

  5. Hello

    My intuition does tell me a lot of things and I have acted upon it by quitting that job, taking a mini retirement, moving to work on my project.

    But sometimes, its difficult for me, because listening to my intuition could badly hurt someone. I reckon fear holds us back and its our job to rewire the brain to think differently.

    1. Wow, those were some brave moves Mo. It’s great to hear that your intuition played a part in it and that it’s all been working well for you.

      I agree that it can get difficult at times. Sometimes we tend to question the feeling we get to do things and is afraid to act upon it.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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