I’ve always heard the following question, but never seemed to find my answer—perhaps because it was too much to put into words. I finally came up with my brief response and can’t wait to hear yours as well. 

Question: What do you wish you could say to your younger self?

My response: Brace yourself, life is going to get real freakin’ hard! Don’t give up when you repeatedly fail life’s tests. Continue seeing the silver lining in every situation and keep your focus on what you want. P.S. Learn how and when to say ‘no’. 

How about you?

Comment below and share your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

Smile! Life is better when you’re laughing.

Love, Candace

37 Replies to “What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self?”

  1. You are stronger than you believe and worthy of respect. Look at life as a gift that has joy and sadness attached to the ribbon.

  2. What an excellent question babe.
    I would tell my younger self, don’t be so caught up in what other people think of you , don’t be afraid to be yourself and there is a lesson to be learnt in all the hardships you will face.

    1. Thanks love.
      Oooo great response. As we discussed this morning, it’s hard getting someone young to listen to these truths, but isn’t it just awesome how our older selves know and appreciate it so much?!! xoxo

  3. 1. Work Harder! Don’t go with the flow, make your own way. Going with the flow will only get you the usual. Work harder if you want to feel great about your life later!

    2. Stand up for yourself! It’s not selfishness it’s self respect.

    1. I love these Jiji. “Going with the flow will only get you the usual.”–well ain’t that the truth!
      I also had to learn (the hard way) to identify with self-respect and not think it was selfish to stand up for myself.
      Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  4. “Girl, just keep being as jolly as you are now and don’t waste your energy bearing any grudges. Don’t spend more than 3 minutes regretting your past and not more than 9 minutes fearing the future. Say this to yourself all through your day and night – I am tougher and shall overcome”

  5. After a conversation with my best friend, I just wrote about this exact same thing a few days ago.

    I would tell my younger self not to worry so much. Things that seem like they would be the end of the world if they don’t work out, really aren’t such a big deal when you look at the big picture. It’s just a small step in a bigger journey. Focus on what is actually happening, instead of worrying about what COULD happen. Most bad things that “could” happen never actually happen.

    Also, I would tell my younger self to learn to love myself. If you don’t love yourself, then who will? Once you learn to love yourself, then you can learn to share that love with others. Growing up, I was taught to put others before myself. That is a generous thought, but is completely backward from the way it should be. If you don’t take care of yourself first, then you can’t really help or take care of others. Focusing on yourself once in a while is necessary, it’s not selfish.

    1. You always have such valuable thoughts to share Danny. You’r so absolutely right, when we are in a sticky situation we get overwhelmed and worried thinking there’s no tomorrow… but it quickly blows over and then we’re back to living life.

      I too believe, self-love is a necessity in order for us to love others. As selfish as it may sound, you just have to put yourself first for the betterment of those you care about.

      Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  6. Make sure you help that girl being bullied by the boys. Learn how to fight off bullies. Because that girl is a wonderful gift of a bestie from God. You’ve gotta be the hero. And also if she’s totally rude to you immediately after, don’t worry. She just thinks you’re too good to be true. 😛

    Keep your smile on, no matter what!

    Family comes first… never forget that.

      1. Ha ha. My younger self would mean that. But I mean letting your success do the fight for you and also basically learning to forgive. Because bullies work with the reaction theory.

        There’s an expected reaction for every action. When that is not received, the person doing the action eventually loses interest. (this sounds like I’m blabbering… lol)

        Also, thank you for your kind words!

    1. We live and learn Billy. Unfortunately, sometimes we learn the hard way; but what matters is that we get smarter and make better choices as we grow older. I’m so happy you did. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Such a good question. I would say listen and learn, work hard and be honest, be the best person you can be and never pretend to be what you are not. Thanks you for this question again. Tashi Delek! which means all the best in Bhutanese from the tiny Himalayan kingdom Bhutan.

    1. OMG… you have no idea how badly I want to travel to Bhutan!! It is so lovely! I have this dream of meditating on one of the mountains overlooking the beautiful scenes. One day I’ll do it!

      Thank you for sharing your response… authenticity is key.
      And thank you so much for the Bhutanese well wishes 🙂

      1. Thank you for your reply. Yeah you should visit Bhutan and I am sure you will love it, I live abroad and love visiting whenever I can. Be sure to learn to say hello in Bhutanese though – Kuzuzangpola!

  8. I would tell myself to learn from every single mistake or set back in life. I’d tell myself that mistakes are great, as long as you have the mindset to really asses yourself and learn from it.
    I’d also tell myself that it doesn’t matter how much anyone else believes (or doesn’t believe) in your abilities, you have to sincerely believe in yourself to feel whole and content with life.

  9. Learn the dangers of instant gratification. Never forget the value in working hard today for some future benefit. Lastly, if something seems to good to be true, there’s a good chance it is!

    1. Absolutely Walt. It’s so simply said, but many of us take years to find the knowledge and courage to be this way. But it’s the best way to be, as a mater of fact, it should be the only way to be. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great question to ask. Your friends will either push you towards a better life or pull you away from the life you always wanted. So be careful who your close friends are especially in high school.

  11. If I could, for me I would definitely tell myself to be very..VERY “self-aware” for all of the pains, trials, tribulations and so called failures that WILL come are not what society will make them out to be (depending on your social and surrounding environment). They’re all there as factual guides teaching, prodding and trying to enlighten us on what needs to change to be all we can become and live our purpose! That’s something only because of my increased interest in reading (personal development especially) and also the wisdom that comes through the experience of life, in what’s now the intro years of my 30’s i’m beginning to understand more (better late than never I guess) that the initial philosophy I accepted about life was totally wrong.

    Society praises the final outcome, e.g. first place in a test, a grade ‘A’ among many others. What i’ve come to realize, its not the outcome, its the process that we utilize to attain whatever is where the secret sauce resides. Failure of a test does not mean that one is dumb or dotish, but if we become more aware an see that all that result is showing us that certain aspects improvement is required then set out to do such I believe happiness will be the result. Keep up the good work Candice!

    1. We live and we learn Peter. I’m only now learning about life’s true meaning. I believe we all initially have a skewed philosophy about life. Some people go through their entire lives not knowing otherwise. We are blessed to be amongst the ones who do.

      You’re so right… we’ve been raised to live by the standard society sets for us. While getting good grades and a “good job” might be beneficial for providing a better living… those things are far less important when it comes to living a good life. We really need to start seeing the bigger picture, read between the lines and learn as we grow.

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing such a valuable insight 🙂

  12. Thank you for visiting my Garment of Praise blog, Candace.

    As a person who has seen a lot of living – and a lot of grieving – I appreciated your blog about when you have no words. I am a professional writer – have been for years. The thing is to just put words on paper (or screen). You can always edit that. You cannot edit a blank page. I’ve found that if you stumble around a subject for a while, eventually you will come up with something cogent.

    Remember Job from the Bible? His friends sat with him for a week in silence before they opened their mouths and ruined the whole thing. As a matter of fact, the book of Job is a great place to learn what NOT to say to a grieving person.

  13. I would say to myself ‘That the mistakes which were made while young are what builds the character of who you will be in the future. Don’t be ashamed of them or wish they never happened as they occur for a valid reason later on’.

    Tolga Aktas

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