I have come to understand that life is a circle of happiness, sadness, good times, and hard times. As for the latter, life will have its way with us, as many times as it could; and often enough, it will succeed. Whether it’s in our relationship, our career, our health, our finances or even the way we see and feel about ourselves, life will never be a smooth straight road. Sometimes things will happen completely out of our control. Things will shake us up and even change the trajectory of our entire life from what we had initially planned. I believe this happens the moment we start becoming too comfortable and life decides to challenge us, pulling us out of our comfort zones and forcing us to grow. 

This will happen to all of us at some point or at many points along our lives. For some it will be early and for others later on. Don’t ever look at someone and think they have a perfect life, have it easier than you, or are luckier than you. We all have faced and will face difficulty in one way or another, at some point or another.

What matters is how we respond and how we choose to pick up the pieces and move forward in those difficult times. We must know that we are not alone in difficulty and that we are not a victim to our circumstances. We must choose to believe that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. They say life is unpredictable, and for most of us, this is true. There is only so much we can control in our lives. As for the part we cannot control, we must learn to accept change and practice getting back up when life takes its inevitable bitter jabs at us.

Choose to believe that everything that happened or is happening in your life is preparing you for what’s next. With this mind-set you will embrace the changes that are occurring in your life and start seeing the link between where you are and where you want to be. And remember, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. 

Have you been through difficulty? How did you overcome it? Comment below and share your thoughts.


Smile! Life is better when you’re laughing!

4 Replies to “When The Going Gets Tough”

  1. Great post, life has thrown me a few curve balls over the last couple of years. After getting back up I will look at what I’ve learned and how I can use the experience to help me and others. It’s not easy by any means, but the alternative and letting events crush you isn’t great x

  2. Great post, life has thrown me a few challenges over the past couple of years. After getting back up I look at what I’ve learned from the experience and how i can use it to help me develop and help others. It’s not easy but the alternative of letting events crush you isn’t great x

  3. What is a good thing or a bad thing is all about my perspective. What is good for the lion is not so good for gazelle: it all depends upon my point of view. Change my point of view and I can change my life.

  4. Life has always tried to drag me down, and then kick me repeatedly while I’m down. I have been through a lot in my life, but I have made it through everything by just refusing to let those tough times defeat me. I always get back up and find a way to keep moving forward. Some things have been easier than others to overcome, but I’m stubborn and refuse to give up on something I really want. I have decided that the most important thing to me is happiness, and I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from being happy. In good times and bad, there is always something positive to focus on and keep me from giving up. Nothing lasts forever. Any difficulties faced are just temporary. When I finally made the decision to take full responsibility for my own happiness, my life changed forever. If you can’t rely on yourself, then you can’t really rely on anyone or anything else either. Start with making yourself happy and allow others to add to it, but never allow anything or anyone else to diminish or take away your happiness. Life will never be perfect for anyone, but it will absolutely improve when you start taking responsibility for your own happiness in every situation.

    Great post as always, Candace!! 🙂

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