When it comes to a choice involving love, ideally we think that love trumps everything; but the harsh reality is that it doesn’t always. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to choose between love and something else? I think it’s one of the hardest decisions to face in life.

How about when it comes to choosing between love and pride?

Here’s a true story…

A successful, young man crossed paths with a beautiful, charming young woman. They fell madly in love and quickly found themselves in the midst of a whirlwind romance. They complimented each other—he was sarcastic and funny, and she laughed at almost everything. She was less fortunate, trying to make a living while he was a rolling stone making his way to the top. He cared deeply for her and took her under his wing; before you knew it, they were happily married with three kids, living blissfully in their dream home.

Years passed by, but somewhere along the lines of her being a homemaker while he was out working, he got caught up in an extramarital affair. For some reason, no matter how much she tearfully begged, he refused to end the affair. It drove her, his wife of 16 years, to the point where she felt compelled to leave their home.

Pride will always be the longest distance between two people.

She left for 15 years (ongoing) and never looked back; all the while, his affair ended, he came to realise his grave mistakes and now carries with him a bag of regret. Even though he hasn’t seen her in over 15 years, he still refers to her as his wife and claims that she’s the only woman he will ever love.  So he’s been waiting—waiting for her to come back to him, but has way too much pride to express himself, apologise to her, own up to his mistakes, and ask her for a second chance.

It proves to me that love and pride cannot coexist. You have to either swallow your pride for the person you love or lose them over your pride.

These two people happen to be…my parents.

What do you think, can love and pride coexist?

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Smile! Life is better when you’re laughing

Love, Candace

26 Replies to “Why Love and Pride Don’t Mix”

  1. Pride should be associated with the tasks you do, take pride in your work not in matters of the heart or relationships with people. I agree with you babe, the opposite of pride is needed for love to flourish, humility. Great post babe, am sure it took a lot of courage for you to share this one.

    1. Eeep.. Lorrie I’m one on those kids who can’t picture her divorced parents together. I don’t know why… it feels weird after all those years. But, I suppose if it does spark a reunion, I’ll just have to accept it.

  2. I like the storytelling aspect in this post with the surprise ending. You also included some vulnerability in the ending when you revealed the relationship. You chose to talk about emotional aspects but in my opinion it’s people stories we connect with and as readers I imagine the deep hurt and betrayal along with the regret and remorse. Can people let go of these and take small steps to a new relationship, never the same but better than before? I did.

  3. Wow! your even stronger than I imagined you to be, opening up like that, to something like this, it says alot about your transforming character (I really admire that). But as it pertains to pride and men….I just don’t know what it is about us males at times. Maybe this is easier said than done, but that picture you painted there felt really blissful indeed. I think I would definitely swallow every ounce of pride if it meant me getting back the woman of my dreams.

    1. Thanks so much Peter. Yep, I guess initially I could understand the pride getting in the way.. but I can’t get why it still is.. even after all these years.. but I’m thinking.. as distance grew between them it perhaps I got even harder on his end to let it go.

      1. Yes, it will definitely get harder to let go, remember its happiness at stake here! Plus I think the saying “you never miss the water till the wells runs dry applies”, but I believe times heals all, we live an we learn. Thank you for sharing and keep writing from the heart Candice, it gives some really gentle but vital reminders that are required for happy and successful living. Best Regards

  4. Love and Pride: Its all about life choices. Some choose pride over love in order please the ego, yet they carry a heavy heart and a troubled spirit. Some choose love. Their mind is clear and spirit light and they carry a Pocketful Smiles. Its evident and contagious! Your life experiences molded you into a wonderful person. You chose love- to love yourself! Such a difficult thing to do. May you continue to teach love through your writings.

    1. What a wonderful way of putting it Sheri. You’re absolutely right, those who choose to satisfy the ego carries a heavy heart. Thank you for the kind words–I do choose love and I’m happy that it’s evident and contagious.

      Thanks so much for sharing such a valuable insight 🙂

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