I once had a lot of cluttered thoughts and unresolved emotions in my mind. Overthinking was my best-friend and nothing ever seemed clear and simple. This affected the way I felt and influenced the poor decisions and actions of my everyday life. At the start of my journey back in 2015, I read Micheal A. Singer’s, The Untethered Soul — it opened me up to a brand new perspective on getting in touch with my inner self and transforming my mind from a raging sea to a peaceful lake. One of the many strategies I use to do this is journaling. Writing  a journal does a lot more than just quiet my mind, it completely changes the way I think, feel, and act!

Most people who write a journal, do so everyday, however, I don’t; I only write when I need to. Despite, here’s how it helps me to clear my mind and stay emotionally balanced:

  1. It’s provides a therapeutic release — Writing on my journal helps to process unresolved emotions when something is bothering me or when I simply need to clear my mind. It’s allows me to dig deep within myself and retrieve raw feelings without hesitation. I use my journal as an outlet for my emotions instead of leaving them bottled up inside. This keeps me emotionally balanced and leaves me with a clear mind to focus on more productive thoughts. 
  2. It’s an excellent problem solver — Journaling often provide solutions to my problems. After I go on a two page rant, I usually find feasible solutions to overcome whatever issue I’m facing at the time. Just last week an issue came up that’s was seriously eating at me. I took some time to sit and write about it — 15 minutes and two pages later, viola! — a solution was sent from the heavens above and I immediately felt better.
  3. It clarifies my life goals — Journaling helps with clarifying my thoughts and putting things into perspective. As such, my mind is more organised and focused, leaving room to make better decisions. I even write down detail goals (long-term and short term) which provides a clear mental and physical vision of what I want and helps me to achieve them more efficiently. 
  4. It provides a sense of fulfilment and motivation –– I often write about memorable, life-changing experiences and do yearly reviews at the end of December. Reading back through such entries allows me to reflect on where I used to be and how far I’ve come. This gives me a true sense of fulfilment and accomplishment, and motivates me to continue doing more for myself.

Journaling is definitely instrumental in the way I think, feel, and act everyday. I definitely recommend it!

Do you journal? What do you do to clear your mind and stay balanced? 

Photo: Writing on my journal while on vacation.

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24 Replies to “How I Gain Clarity and Stay Emotionally Balanced”

  1. I feel like overthinking is still my best friend sometimes! But not in the emotionally destructive way. I think for me I end up doing a mental journal and overthink my way through it. Once I find a glimpse of clarity, I start blogging to organize my thoughts.

    Thank You for writing this though, so many words resonated with me and I can’t wait to get my hands on ‘The Untethered Soul’! xx

  2. I’ve been journaling for over 30 years. I always tell people my journal is my best friend. I can purge all the nonsense that is in my head and it never answers back. Never holds anything against me and never ignores my calls when I’ve been a bit too intense. My only worry is that my poor children will read them after I die and see how loopy their mummy really was. Maybe it will give them comfort if they too are struggling with dark thoughts.. Journalling really is a mental health life saver!

      1. I confess I held a ritual burning of about 10 years’ worth of them when I got married and started a family. I felt I had been too “wild” and wanted to start over as a sensible wife and mother. I regret that now. There was plenty of fodder for novels in there!! 😂 (although, I do have a pretty good memory…😉)

  3. Journaling is a way of life with me for many years now. I keep various journals; each one devoted to specific themes and to keep memories of my children and grandchildren. The best thing about keeping a journal is that you can go back and read your ideas, thoughts, and what was important to you at a specific time. It helps to learn more about yourself. Thanks for stopping by Poemattic.

  4. The timing! I had been procrastinating on journaling for a few days now, and this just beats all reasons I gave myself. Starting today, thanks to you!

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